What exactly is a “Pre-Hung” door?
A Pre-Hung door is simply a door that has been hinged or “Pre-Hung” on a jamb or frame at the factory.

What does a Pre-Hung door consists of?
A, It consists of :
i) Pre-polished door with pre-drilled lock hole & hinge rebate .
ii) Pre-Polished engineered door jamb/frame..
iii) Matching architraves .

What are advantages for a builder/customer if he choose to buy a pre-hung door ?
It is a complete Door solution where the customer saves lot of time on carpentry , painting and frame fixing

Are Pre-Hung Doors manufactured in a factory? .
Pre-hung doors are manufactured in fully mechanized factory duly supervised and executed by experienced engineers and all the doors are passed through stringent QC procedures.

Is the door jamb better and stronger than the traditional door frame?
The density of our door jamb is around 750 KG/cubic meter, which is higher than most hard woods.Unlike solid wood, our engineerd jambs will not warp and twist and are structurally more stable.

Will the Door Jambs get spoiled by water?
The Jambs is a wooden material and just like any wood material this should be protected from water, moisture and heat to enhance the life and appearance of the product. Great care and protection have been take in the product design to protect the product from moisture, water and heat but eventually if the product is abused beyond reasonable care no guarantees can be given. This is applicable for any wooden product.

Can it be exposed to the direct rays of the sun?
Here again being a wooden product the Jambs and doors should have reasonable protection from sun and rain to enhance the life and elegance of the product, otherwise the surface that is exposed to the sun will fade over a period of time.

How do I determine if a door is a right-hand or a left-hand swing?
Standing on the outside of the opening that the door swings into, look at the hinges. If they are on the right, then it’s a right-swing door. If they are on the left, it’s a left swing door.

Do you have a solution for toilet Jambs ?
Jacsons has developed a unique product exclusively for toilet openings with WPC Jambs and architraves which are “water proof”.PVC wrapped Jambs and Architraves .

Since the doors are pre-hung, is it difficult for transportation especially to distant places ?
The Pre-Hung door are dismantled and packed in corrugated boxes for easy and safe transportation ..

Is installation of prehund door a tedious job ?
Easy installation is the highlight of a pre-hung door.

What is the lead time for supply?
The lead time varies based on quantity of an order . If the openings are standard, the supply can be arranged in 3-4 weeks.

How do we know the prices .?
You can write to the Company with required BOQ and send us an enquirey.