Advantage of Pre-hung Doors


What Are The Advantages Of Pre-hung Doors ?

  • Pre-hung doors are made with engineered eco- friendly materials which have in-built properties to withstand climatic changes and have very high resistance to termites.
  • Pre-hung doors are installed after all the work has been completed and the premises is free from water, paint and other solvents.thereby ensuring the aesthetic elegance of the products after installation.
  • Pre-hung doors are ready to fit thereby saving time for the builder.
  • Pre-hung doors are fully assembled at the factory, maintaining the same sophistication and finish for the door, jamb and architraves.
  • Pre-hung doors are fixed a few millimeters away from the wall and are protected by a layer of expandable Poly-Urethane foam which pprevents moisture absorption from the wall.
  • Pre-hung doors can cover the entire thickness of the wall and also come with very attractive architraves on both sides of the wall , giving a very rich look..