Standard Sizes

Standardised Civil Opening:

Standardisation of civil openings would bring down construction cost and Pre-Hungdoor with standardized measurements can be used for each type of door improving its esthetic value and design flexibility.

The recommended standard civil opening size for each category is

  • Main door                              : 2100 x 1000 mm.
  • Room doors & other utility doors : 2100 x 900 mm.
  • Toilet doors             : 2100 x 750 mm.

However, on specific demand, Pre-Hung door for civil opening height up to 2350 mm and width up to 1100 mm with single leaf shutter and 2200 mm with double leaf shutter can be manufactured and supplied.

Perfect fit

Unlike traditional door frames, the door jamb will cover the entire thickness of the wall and comes with attractive architraves for a very rich look.

Perfect fix

Unlike traditional door frames, pre-hung doors are fixed and protected by expandable poly-urethane foam that prevents moisture absorption.

Perfect finish

Fully finished at the factory to have the same sophistication for the door, the jamb and the architraves in a wide range of veneers.