Jacwud Hardwood MDF



Jacwud®  hardwood MDF is a composite wood  panel made by extracting fibre from tropical hardwood and bonding them together using sophisticated Continuous Pressing Technology  to form a homogenous board with density ranging from 750 to 850 kgs per cubic meter .

Jacwud® Hardwood MDF is an eco-friendly product and an ideal substitute for other panel boards such as Marine Plywood , Commercial Plywood , Block board etc..

The astronomical growth of Jacwud® could be attributed to :-

  1. Its ideal surface for Veneer or Melamine lamination.
  2. Perfectly suited for spray painting & lacquering
  • Uniformed density for profiling or carving
  1. Screw holding properties matching to solid wood.
  2. Low thickness swelling properties.
  3. High resistance to Fungus.
  • Natural Colour . No artificial colour like PINK or GREEN are used .

Jacwud® MDF had endless use due to its versatility . It can be used for all interior furniture applications such as  table tops, door panels, wall panels, architectural mouldings, cupboards , kitchen cabinets, office furniture , phot frames, cot head boards and foot boards , exhibition display panels etc.. etc..

A comparison of Jacwud® Hardwood MDF with other MDF boards

Jacwud® hardwood MDF Other MDF
Tropical hardwood fibres Softwood fibres
Higher Natural density Density artificially created by adding dangerous chemicals
Natural colour Artificial colour added which make the boards highly poisonous .
100% latex free Latex pockets present in most the cases
Fibres are washed before bonding Not washed
Comparatively low emission Very high emission
Uniform density Density variation inside the board and board to board
Stronger out surface which saves paint consumption Consumes more paint due to surface problems
Less Chance for bulging High chance for bulging


Specification of Jacwud Hardwood MDF

Board Property Test Method Unit Range of Nominal Thickness (mm)
6 – 18mm
Density EN 323 kg/ m3 740 – 850
Board Moisture EN 322 % 4 – 9
Modulus of Rupture EN 310 N/ mm2 25 – 32
Internal Bond EN 319 N/ mm2 0.65 – 0.75
Screw Holding (Face) EN 320 N 1050
Screw Holding (Edge) EN 320 N 850
Thickness Swelling ** EN 317 % 10 – 17
Thickness Tolerence EN 324-1 mm +/- 0.20
Dimension (length/ width) Tolerance EN 324-1 +/- 2 mm/ m; maximum +/- 5mm
Squareness EN 324-2 mm/ m 2
Edge Straightness EN 324-2 mm/m 1.5
Emission Standard : E2/ E3
* Screw Holding only for thickness 15mm and above.
** 24 hour immersion in 20(+/- 1) degree celsius water