Jacwood Super D MDF



Jacwud SuperD is a High Density MDF which has been accepted in the market as the BEST AVAILABLE MDF IN INDIA.  It is an advanced version of Jacwud® where density is improved by loading more fibre content. It has even more Anit –fungal properties and is widely used for moulding and carving works. The density of Superd is around 800-860 kg which is the highest natural density reported for thick  MDF boards across the global . Going by technical definition , this board is HDF ( High Density fibre ) boards which has more characteristics than even the marine plywood. The inherent stability, ease of machining and eco friendly characteristics of JACWUD SUPERD MDF, creates endless opportunities for it to be used as an alternative to plywood and solid wood.

Specification of Jacwud SuperD MDF

Board Property Test Method Unit Range of Nominal Thickness (mm)
6 – 18mm
Density EN 323 kg/ m3 780 – 850
Board Moisture EN 322 % 4 – 9
Modulus of Rupture EN 310 N/ mm2 30 – 35
Internal Bond EN 319 N/ mm2 0.75 – 0.85
Scre Holding (Face) EN 320 N 1050
Screw Holding (Edge) EN 320 N 900
Thickness Swelling ** EN 317 % 10
Thickness Tolerence EN 324-1 mm +/- 0.20
Dimension (length/ width) Tolerance EN 324-1 +/- 2 mm/ m; maximum +/- 5mm
Squareness EN 324-2 mm/ m 2
Edge Straightness EN 324-2 mm/m 1.5
Emission Standard : E2/ E3
* Screw Holding only for thickness 15mm and above.
** 24 hour immersion in 20(+/- 1) degree celsius water