Jacwud Pre-lam MDF


prelamJacwud® Pre-Laminated MDF is Jacwud hardwood MDF, laminated on both surfaces by synthetic resin-impregnated base papers under the influence of heat pressure. Jacwud® Prelam MDF is available in both One side Laminated (OSL) and Both Side Laminated (BSL) . The OSL boards are balanced with white lamination on other side for balancing . OSR boards ( one side raw ) are also supplied against order for laminating veneer or HPL on one side .Unlike other prelam boards available in the market , jacwud® Prelam has got all the features of Jacwud hardwood MDF which makes the board unique .

Jacwud® Prelam MDF can be used for making  Modular Furniture, cupboards, cots, Computer Table, Office Furniture, Dressing Table, TV Trolley, Pre-laminated Doors , wall paneling and more.