Specification for Jacsons Pre-Hung door:-

I: Introduction:

Jacsons Pre-hung door is a total door solution with the door shutter hung on its own frame. The whole unit is fully finished at the factory and ready to install at the site.

Timber being unpredictable, expensive and scarce, the concept of Pre-Hung doors spares the problem of sourcing and processing wood in any form .The Jacsons Pre-Hung door is an Eco friendly product and can be easily installed & maintained.

The Jacsons Pre-Hung door consists of the door shutter, the jamb (frame) and a set of front & back architraves.

II. Scope:

Tailor made Pre-Hung doors are available for every door opening be it in a home or office, a hotel or a hospital.

III. Material of Construction:

The doors are manufactured with a timber frame work for stiles and rails, filled with extruded Sauerland Core from Germany. Veneered and Moulded HDF panels are then bonded by using thermosetting glue on a hydraulic hot press.

Jambs & architraves are manufactured with adhesive bonded MDF/ Solid wood and wrapped with veneer/ PVC Foil.

For toilet, balcony, terrace etc, where moisture is present, WPC Jambs (wood plastics Composite), which is essentially a water proof material, is used.

IV. Type & Size:

Door shutters are available in single leaf and double leaf with thickness 32, 35 & 40mm.

Standard engineered jamb is 100 x 35mm with architrave 65/ 60 x 12mm, suitable for all type of civil openings regardless of wall thickness.

For covering full wall thickness, engineered jamb up to 300 x 35 mm is available.

A variety of adjustable engineered jamb (Flexi Jamb) up to 300 mm is also available, where different wall thickness is used for different civil openings.

WPC jamb will have a cross section of 100x 20 mm with architraves of 60 x 10 mm.

V. Standardised Civil Opening:

Standardisation of civil openings would bring down construction cost and Pre-Hung door with standardized measurements can be used for each type of door improving its esthetic value and design flexibility.

The recommended standard civil opening size for each category is

  • Main door : 2100 x 1000 mm.
  • Room doors & other utility doors : 2100 x 900 mm.
  • Toilet doors : 2100 x 750 mm.

However, on specific demand, Pre-Hung door for civil opening height up to 2350 mm and width up to 1100 mm with single leaf shutter and 2200 mm with double leaf shutter can be manufactured and supplied.

VI. Finish:

Door shutters are available in different finishes.

  • Wood veneered & lacquered flush shutters.
  • Pigmented PU painted flush shutters.
  • HP Laminate faced flush shutters.
  • Wood veneered & lacquered moulded panel skin shutters.
  • Pigmented PU painted moulded panel skin shutters.

Jamb & Architraves are available in finishes such as

  • Wood veneer wrapped & lacquered.
  • Pigmented PU painted.
  • PVC wrapped.

VII. Installation :

Pre-Hung door is very easy to install. Jamb is bonded with the wall by using expandable PU foam. For abundant caution, anchor fasteners are also anchored to the wall.

VIII. Maintenance :

Practically, no maintenance is required for Jacsons Pre- Hung doors. Periodical polishing / painting would enhance the life. Misuse such as allowing moisture penetration, exposure to strong sun, banging of door shutter by wind, inserting nail etc shall be avoided.

IX. Training programme:

Our factory has a full fledged training facility to impart training for installation of Pre-Hung door. Patrons who are interested in learning the technique can be trained free of cost. Construction personnel and other workers engaged in similar jobs may make use of this facility.